The ID, 2015

Odun Orimolade graduated in painting from the Yaba College of Technology School of Art, Design and Printing, Lagos, Nigeria.  She holds a post graduate Diploma and Masters in Visual Art from the University of South Africa Pretoria where she is currently pursuing a PhD. She continues to evolve in an experimental, trans disciplinary approach to her practice, incorporating and exploring different media. She has particular interest in drawing mediums as a connection point and is a large part of her work. She keeps an open contexture to her approach to creative production.  Her work recurrently engages  possibilities in overlapping realities and the intangible. Also with the impact of external influences and their reflection on human behavioural tendencies, orientation and interaction. A lot of this is largely introspective with a view to connect on a more individual, generative if not ethereal auspice. She has participated in several exhibitions locally and internationally including solo shows. Orimolade lives and works in Lagos as an artist and a lecturer at her Alma Mater. She has also facilitated art workshops and mentoring projects amongst other community projects.