_bucky's classroom

The cooperation with the University of the Arts, Bern is an integral component of BONE. _bucky's classroom is intended primarily for the two MA courses Contemporary Arts Practice and Scenic Arts Practice. Under expert leadership and including some selected outside participants, events are attended, critically reflected and analyzed in dialogue with the artists on a daily basis. The idea is for students to gain new insights to feed their own performance practice.

The name _bucky's classroom references Buckminster Fuller, whose idea of a large lecture theatre in which various academic disciplines would be taught simultaneously might be described as the original model of the interdisciplinarity so frequently invoked today. 

_carte blanche

Through the long-term directorship of Norbert Klassen, BONE established a close world wide network with the first generation of performance art (e.g. Fluxus, Body Art ...). This valuable relationship has not ended with the change in artistic directorship – on the contrary: established connections are maintained and expanded. In this spirit, a new format will each year give "carte blanche" to an "old master" or a "grande dame" of performance art to suggest a program for an emerging artist. 

_expanded media

In the context of contemporary performances the performers often influence the happenings on stage by means of interactive technology. When bodies (inter-) act within an environment determined by media and technology, this gives rise to new practices and a new understanding of physical movement and performative presence. How is movement conceived in technical-media space? For BONE_expanded media we invite artists who explore this question. 

_focus site

We emphasize a conscious approach to space. Performance art can manifest in the space of a theatre as well as in public space, in gallery spaces or various different (urban) landscapes. We therefore use the Schlachthaus Theatre as a stage for "theatre-space performances", on the other hand we take a more focused approach by commissioning selected artists to engage with the situational, spatial, visual and acoustic as well as technical conditions of the Schlachthaus Theatre. 




_revised & revisited

We show re-discoveries: artists who intensively engaged with performance art and shaped its history, but who partially or completely abandoned this approach in their later careers, are given a new platform.