Adriana Lara

bowls, camera, chairs, computer, egg mixer, existent objects and materials, fence, guitar, hands, pecussion pad, voice, spoons, pans, printers lou, lucio, martin, hermeto, marti, ka, karl, san, can, esg, omd, lse, blondie, el tri, siouxie, satie, debussy, Cocteau twins, holy shit, human league, chambacu, el general, grace jones, tego calde,  la mala, la nana, la jessie, la lupe, la fania, latina, carmina burana, la cumbia andina, cumbia de los monjes, violeta parra, sonido lasser, los ángeles azules, forever blue!

First, I thought of an art form that didn’t depend on a space nor on the legitimation system that art holds. I wanted to work with a language which is not elitist. I composed a song. In some way an artwork with an autonomous life.