Andrea Marioni

Voice, Scream, Toys Weapons, Sound Toys, Trash, Percussions, Bombs - grenades, Breath, spoken words, Radio, Orgasm, Echos, Trance, Whistle, Memory, Neurology, Luna Park Signs, Popular visuals, Carnival, Cartoons, Humour Various Colleagues in part time jobs, a muslim woman in Sarajevo, San Keller, Haus Am Gern, strangers in public transports, Adrian Henry, Dora Garciavarious women running restaurants, Christoph Kihm, Laurent Schmidt, Nana Geneva Crew, Jonathan Frigeri, Dan Graham, various one night stands, Pacôme Thiellement, Professeur Choron, Andy Kaufmann, Mikey Kelley, Monty Python Flying Circus, Roland Barthes, Anonymous Mediaval Artists, Stanley Kubrick, My Mother, LUFF.FM crews, a former Syrian army general now refugees, Eko Kitchen Crews, Dennis Cooper, RV Laurent, Jacques Fasel, My Father, Dennis from New York, several weirdos, Starhawk, Marshall Mcluhan, Elisa Rusca, various musicians, Bertrand Hell, Andreï Tarkovsky  

And lots of others secrets ones...

To make a long road short, it’s about cultural exchange, collaboration, oral property: Seriously ironic, the work is a polyphony of layers moving between social body and individuality.