Colline Grosjean

Mégaphone, batterie, céramique, voix, mots, marbre, aluminium, bois, acier, sérigraphie.  

The Shaggs, Y Pants, ESG, Virginia Woolf, Mara Krastina, Maya Deren,  Georgia O'Keefe, Carole Rigaut, Roxanne Shante, Jenny Holzer, Liberez, Erase Errata, Dudu Geva (the french band, not the cartoonist), Headwar, Ana Mendieta, Mara Krastina, Donna Haraway, Maïa Roger, Christine Favre, Maureen Tucker, Clémence/Annie/Danièle Trierweiler.

I use very simple and lo-fi sound systems to ad life to installations of sculptures. On the other hand, the sculptures are a way to spacialize sounds as they operate like monitors. The sounds are sometimes used as conterpoints to the sculptures, sometimes they enhance some aspects of the work or ad an absurd touch to the piece . In Vegan 2000 performances, sounds and music are at the origin of the pieces. We play on words, rythmes, distort sounds with lo fi instruments and sing, using the sonic potential of a space as well as it's visual potential in a very spontaneous and physical way.